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Product name : Heating Tube
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Heating Tube
Tubular Heater
Tubular Heating Element

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Incoloy 840/ Stainless steel electric liquid tubular immersion heater also named tubular heaters,used for almost every kind of heating appliances. They are easy to form and feature highest mechanic stability and electric properties at the same time. Even though resistance heaters are technically rather mature and universal to use, there exist various new innovative solutions for many applications.

  • Voltages:120v, 208v, 240v, 480v and so on.
  • Maximum sheath temprature steel: 750 F (400 C) ST.ST/Incoloy: 900 F (480 C)
  • Shapes:Straight type,U type,W type,Round type,and so on
  • Features:
    1.Nickel Chrome resistance wire 
    2.Immersion Heaters are available with screw plug flanges 
    3.Air Heaters are available with MS or SS fins
    4.Tubular heating elements with additional teflon sleeving is available for heating corrosive chemicals.



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We mainly produce according to customers' own designs and specification and requirements.

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