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Product name : Ceramic heater
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 Ceramic heating element ceramic infrared heater industrial heatingpads
Ceramic heater
Ceramic Pad Heater Description:(ceramic heating element)
Fexible Ceramic Pad(FCP) heater is a selection of high-quality nichrome wire rope, coat of high purity alumina ceramic pieces of insulation made crawler or rope heaters and other 
products type. According to the shape of the workpiece, the size of production, can be spliced, bending, is wrapped snugly
workpiece heating, with the use of a wide range, fast heating speed, high heat utilization rate, convenient operation feature 
and so on . The highest surface temperature can reach 1050 DEG C. Applicable to all kinds of metal components, such as 
the large tower, pressure vessels, bridges, high pressure pipeline welding preheating, welding stress relief. Can also be 
used for piping, vessels of auxiliary heating, indoor and outdoor is not restricted, is currently the most advanced, practical 
local heating equipment.

1)High-quality nichrome wire for heating element 
2)High purity alumina ceramic insulation 
3)Fast heating speed

Ceramic Pad Heater Technical Detail:
Insulation: Aluminium Oxide Ceramics (95%) 
Heating Conductor: Ni-Cr wire(Cr20Ni80), 37 single strands of 0.4mm wire.
Temperature: Max. 1050 C 
Power: 1KW/2.5KW/2.7KW/3.6KW/5KW/10KW
Voltage: 22V/55V/60V/80V110V/220V
Amperage: 45A
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